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Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce & Graduation

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After enjoying college life for two years like casual chilling out with college buddies, passing of time on the college campus, bunking classes  enjoying the high school life, it’s time to get serious about life. It’s time for all for us to decide, what we expect from our life. And move towards it. And look forward to career options after 12th commerce, especially the Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce.

Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

As we know, the field of commerce is full of figures. (Figures are to be taken as digits. Do not be misunderstood in any other sense.) So, as the field of commerce is more of numeric in nature, And has a bit less impact of theory, students generally prefer their career in such a field, where numbers are majorly used. So friends, let’s look after some of the many career options after 12th commerce.

Frankly speaking, there is N number of course which you can opt for after completing your 12th Class in Commerce Stream. These courses are of short and long term depending upon their status. After completing these courses one can easily go for private as well as Government Jobs. Now you may be thinking that there is a very limited scope for Commerce students in Government job, Don’t worry I will soon write a detailed article on Jobs for Commerce students in Government Sector.

As you all know… Professional Courses have its own reputation. After completing all or any one of these courses you have the option to work in a private as well as Government Sector. Apart from these, you also get the option to Practice independently.

Only for You – Best Courses for Commerce Students after Graduation


Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce & Graduation –

Here is the List of best available Professional Courses after 12th Commerce :

  1. Charted Accountant ( C.A.)
  2. Company Secretary ( C.S.)
  3. Cost & Management Accountant ( C.M.A.)
  4. Master in Business Administration ( M.B.A )


To start with- Let’s look after one of the topmost Professional Courses in Commerce field. It is the Chartered Accountants.

Chartered Accountants

I, being a Chartered Accountant student, presently completing article ship in a reputed firm in Pune, I would personally recommend this as the best available profession, for students seeking carrier options after 12th commerce.

Getting into the academic part of the course, you are required to crack only three exams to complete this course. The first exam to be cracked is Common Proficiency Test. Popularly known as CPT. This exam contains only MCQ. And has four subjects namely. Accounts, Economics, Mercantile Laws and Mathematics & Statistics. The average result of these exams is 20-25%. A Recent trend is close to 15-18%. It is regarded as the simplest exam in CA course. Basic eligibility of CPT is 10+2. (Science students can also opt for these.)

CA is the Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

CA is the Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

After CPT, it’s time for IPCC. Integrated Professional Competence Course. This exam is divided into two groups. The first group contains 4 subjects, namely- Accounts, Law, Costing & Financials Management and Taxation. Second group contains 3 subjects, namely- Advanced Accounting, Auditing & Assurance, and Information Technology & Strategic Management. The results are generally single digit for this exam, were as the group wise rise up to maximum 15%. After clearing the first group, you are eligible for starting the internship. The internship or article ship is for a period of 3 Years.

The last step is the Final. This exam also has two groups. Four subjects each group. The resulting trend of this exam has not reached a figure of more than 7-8% in the history of CA. Considered as the most difficult examination in whole India. The average result is 5% for this exam.

Before going to next course in career options after 12th commerce, let’s look at some advantages And disadvantages of CA course.

The basic advantage of this career options after 12th commerce is the prestige attached to it. But that prestige is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s something different, which cannot be expressed in words. Another advantage is, once you are a CA. No one in this whole nation (Except CA) is going to question your knowledge and capability. You will be at the top, where ever you go.

The basic disadvantage of this career options after 12th commerce is the work pressure. Your personal life is sacrificed to major life. But that sacrifice comes at a price of prestige and financial return you get from the profession.


Company Secretary

A Company Secretary or CS is known to occupy the top positions in the Company, Few of them are as Follows…

Role of a CS

  • Corporate Compliance Management
  • Board and Shareholders Meeting
  • Corporate Administration
  • Merger & Amalgamation
  • Arbitration & Reconciliation
  • Direct & Indirect Tax
  • Investors Education & Much More

All the Matters Related to the Course & Education are being Governed by the Institution of Company Secretary of India (ICSI).

A candidate who has passed (10+2) Exams from any field, whether it is Science Arts or Commerce. The get the Degree of Company Secretary, A candidate has to pass all the 3 Stages Examination which are as follows…

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme

A candidate who has passed 10+2 has to pass the Foundation exams, which is of 400 Marks, (MCQ Questions) and has to score 50% marks to Clear the Exams. The Subjects includes Law, Audit, Accounts, Maths etc. There is no need to appear for this Exams if you hold a Bachelors Degree.

After passing the Foundation exams, the next level that You have to crack is Executive Programme. If you have already passed any Bachelor exam, You can directly apply for Executive Programme.

After clearing the Executive Programme, You have to clear the final stage, which is known as Professional Programme. It is the toughest stage. After Successfully Passing out this Stage, You become a CS.

All the exams of Company Secretary Course are Conducted twice in a year.

Cost & Management Accountant

If you are neither interested in pursuing CA or CS, You can go for CMA which is also known as a Professional Course and is one of the best Course, if you are searching for best career options after 12th commerce.

Just like CA and CS, the Exams are categorised into 3 Categories which are as –

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Final

You have to get 50% Marks in all stages to clear the Exams. As most of the students are running after CA & CS for searching carrier options after 12th commerce, You should go for this course.

There are a lot of Vacancies available for a Cost & Management Accountant in almost all the Sectors of the Economy. As per the Companies Act, Only a Cost Accountant is eligible to do a Cost Audit of a Company.

As there is increasing demand for manufacturing goods, Many New Industries are being Set up and they Require a CMA for the Smooth functioning of the Organisations.


[ Note – CA, CMA, and CS are the best Professional Courses in Commerce Discipline and for the one who is seeking for Best Commerce Courses after 12th Commerce ]


Master in Business Administration

Now, let’s go to our Next  Professional career options after 12th commerce. Let’s have overlooked about the MBA course. The MBA from IIM earns in crores, while the only MBA from local college or distance education, and is required to search for jobs. In short, the more that matter in MBA field is not the degree. What matters is college or university from which one has got the degree. Before applying for MBA exams, You have to Complete your Bachelors Degree.

MBA can be done in various fields like:

  1. Finance
  2. Human Resource
  3. Marketing, etc.


Hope You all liked the post. If  You have any doubts or Questions, Put Your comments or questions in the comment box below, I will try My best to Help you Out on any matters related to these Professional courses after 12th Commerce.

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  1. Nice post Admin, I always dream of doing a professional course in commerce field and this post helped me alot…. I will go for Chartered accountant course, I will be thankful to you, if you could provide me more info on this course.

    • Dear Rupali,

      Thank you for your feedback… My self being a Chartered Accountant Student, it is my pleasure to help you… You can ask all your queries regarding any of the course in the comment box.

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  14. Cheryl ann peter

    thnx a lot…im in 10th now and i’m taking commerce in the senior secondary classes..i was a lil confused which course i should take after 12th..i found your advice so helpful…thanks…by the way,which is the best college in india for cs?? hope u would reply 🙂

    • Dear friend,

      As you know CA, CS and ICWA are professional and they are not pursued in any colleges. Independent parliamentary bodies govern their syllabus and examination.

      If you meant, best classes for CS, then you may visit Prestige Point in Pune and you can select any from number of options you have, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which class you do, what matters is how hard you study.

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    I am Mukesh from Mumbai, i have completed my 12th in 1996 with commerce 38% then ATKT in 2nd and 3rd your.
    Presently am working in a financial company as a TL with salary 26k p.m.
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